Rail Commuters Suffer Major Delays As Weather ‘Too Sunny’

The ‘low winter sun’ is causing havoc for commuters on Southeastern lines

Southeastern took to Twitter to apologise to disgruntled customers for the delays, citing “strong sunlight” as the cause.

A spokesman at Southeastern said: “We know that sometimes it seems that if it is not leaves on the line or snow on the track then it is some other weather issue.

“But actually glare this morning made it impossible for some drivers to see the full length of their train in their mirrors before leaving stations.

“When this happens they have to get out and check to ensure everybody has got on or off their train safely before they can move.

“This can take a little more time but thankfully for all it doesn’t happen very often.”

The firm, which operates passenger services from the capital to Kent and East Sussex, said it stopped drivers from checking CCTV monitors in South East London.

There have been 117 cancellations across London and the South East.

People stranded on platforms have spoken of their confusion and anger at the announcement.

Sarah Quinton said: “What are @Southeastern going to come up with next? Too wet, too hot, too cold… but too sunny?!”

‘The wrong type of snow’ is a phrase coined by the British media in 1991 after severe weather caused disruption to many of British Rail’s services.

A British Rail press release implied that BR management and its engineering staff were unaware of different types of snow, thus turning the phrase into a byword for euphemistic and pointless excuses.


Source: The Telegraph.

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