Contract Recruitment

Fission knows that the abilities of skilled contractors can significantly improve the success of a client’s business, therefore we make it our priority to match our client’s requirements with skilled contractors quickly and efficiently. We thoroughly screen candidates, allowing us to put forward only those individuals who we believe will be right for our client’s position.

Our recruitment consultants invest time in getting to know each contractor’s requirements, and work hard to ensure that every contractor is placed in the most appropriate position. Our friendly and dedicated approach allows us to build relationships with our candidates, which is why after their contracts finish many candidates return to us to help place them in their next project.

Permanent Recruitment

As with our contract recruitment service, our permanent recruitment service is based on the fundamental idea
of linking the right candidate with the right vacancy. As a result of expertise and dedicated service, we have managed to successfully place a large number of candidates into well-matched positions, which is why we are appointed to recruit for some of the largest companies in the engineering and built environments. We carefully plot the skill and experience requirements
of our client in order for us to generate a good match in a candidate to our client’s vacancy. From this we can begin to conduct innovative searches to locate top calibre candidates for the position. All candidates are thoroughly pre-screened in order to identify their technical skills and aptitude and to ensure that they provide a good match to the client’s requirements.

Our screening process differentiates us from other recruitment agencies as it means you won’t be bombarded with an overwhelming number of CV’s. Our experienced consultants will select for you a small number of top candidates making the process easier for you and ultimately increasing the chances of finding someone to benefit your business.

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